Justin Black

What's a Codec? Justin explains the compression standards of the C300 MKII. We visit a professional Colourist to see how the codecs stack up in todays digital environment.



Peter talks about shooting in LOG and using LUTs. This camera offers a lot of dynamic range, so shooting with a LUT helps clients and the Colourist see his vision for the image.


MARTIN Wojtunik

Martin's diverse projects often call for a "ninja" of a camera. He found that in the C300 MKII. It can capture a great image in low-light situations or very little light at all. In this session, Martin explains why he would shoot in RAW verses LOG.



Josh understands compression extremely well. When you see the ratios 4:2:0, 4:2:2, and 4:4:4, what does that mean? When it comes to shooting on a Green Screen, compression matters.



Jason Zukowski, Colourist

Jason see's all kinds of source footage. In this Session, Jason talks about ACES and how it is standardizing the industry when it comes to Colour-Space. 



Samy Inayeh/ CSC

For Samy's latest film, The Void, he used the C300 MKII. He knew he needed a camera with good dynamic range, but also wanted a camera that made the image feel more like film. Samy talks ISO in this Canon EOS Session.